Is the U.S Stigmatizing China?

We examine US efforts to stigmatize China and how this will affect US-China relations.

China News Roundup 30th April 2020

News roundup #2 on Chinese politics and international affairs – 30th April 2020

China News Roundup 29th April 2020

News roundup on China’s international affairs and politics #1 April 29, 2020

Diplomatic Threats – a New Norm?

Australia has backed efforts by the United States to investigate the origins of the virus…

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The Tech-Battle That is Raging

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China’s Naming of Features in the South China Sea

China has named some 80 features in the contested South China Sea region. What are the latest developments here?

The Difficulty of Criticising China

The difficulties associated with criticising China.

China’s Philanthropic and ‘Mask’ Diplomacy

As Covid-19 rages on in many parts of the world, China has increasingly adopted the…