Is China pursuing a ‘divide and rule’ strategy in Europe?

Is China adopting a ‘divide and rule’ strategy in Europe as some officials claim? Steven Langendonk probes this question and suggests it that it serves European political ends.

China news roundup, 21st May

China news and commentaries roundup, 21st May 2020

China news roundup, 20th May

China news and commentaries roundup, 20th May 2020.

China-ASEAN Relations in the COVID-19 pandemic: A Cautionary Tale for ASEAN Centrality

ASEAN’s centrality will remain hampered by geopolitical fault-lines that have constrained ASEAN’s ability to steer regional affairs amidst Covid-19.

China news roundup, 18th May

China news roundup, 18th May

China News Roundup 16th May

China news roundup, 16th May

Mr. Kissinger Goes to Beijing: ‘Vietnam Problem’ and the ‘Taiwan Question’

Chen Hao describes Kissinger’s visit to China during the 1970s and the ‘Taiwan issue’

China news roundup, 14th May

France rejects Chinese warnings on Taiwan arm sales. “France dismissed Chinese warnings on Wednesday about…

UK Hawks Exploit Covid-19 To Force A China ‘Reckoning’?

Leading neoconservatives in Britain are waging a campaign to deflect blame from the government’s botched…

Taiwan’s Predicament in Regulating China’s ‘Over-the-Top’ Platforms

What does Taiwanese regulation of Chinese mainland ‘over the top’ media services mean for Taipei?