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News roundup, 25th May 2020

News roundup, 25th May 2020

China raises US trade tensions with warning of ‘new cold war’. “The prospects of a trade war between China and the western economies ratcheted up on Sunday as Beijing accused the US of pushing relations towards a “new cold war”.”

The Guardian, 24th May

Wuhan lab head calls virus leak claims ‘pure fabrication’. “Claims promoted by the Trump administration that the global coronavirus pandemic originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in the central Chinese city are a “pure fabrication”, the institute’s director has said.”

Al Jazeera, 24th May

U.S. is ahead of China in vaccine race, former FDA chief says. “The United States will have a “better” vaccine than China — and it will have it sooner, former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb predicted Sunday.”

Politico, 24th May

Xi orders fortifying public health protection network. “Xi stressed reforming disease prevention and control system; boosting the epidemic monitoring, early warning and emergency response capacity; perfecting the treatment system for major epidemics; and improving public health emergency laws and regulations.”, 25th May

Beijing not advancing claims in South China Sea with Covid-19 as cover: Foreign Minister. “Rebutting claims that Beijing was taking advantage of the distraction caused by the pandemic in South-east Asia, Mr Wang said China has been working with Asean countries to beat the coronavirus.”

The Straits Times, 24th May

‘Wolf warrior’ diplomacy a US trait: Global Times editorial. “Has China implemented the “wolf warrior” diplomacy? When Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded to 23 questions during a press conference on Sunday, which of his answers confirmed the “wolf warrior” diplomacy? Did his answers interfere in any country’s internal affairs? Did he threaten to sanction any country? Wang called the abuse of litigation against China over the COVID-19 outbreak “a product of three nos” – it has no ground, has no factual basis and has no international precedence.”

Global Times, 24th May

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