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China news roundup, 20th May

China news roundup, 20th May

China stocks up food and oil supplies as coronavirus spurs fears about shortages. “China has been building up its food and energy stockpile this year, taking advantage of slumping crude oil prices even before the coronavirus pandemic disrupted supplies.”

CNBC, 19th May

Belgium confirms inquiry into Malta-China spy threat. “Malta’s ties to China have come under the spotlight after Belgium’s intelligence services confirmed they have been investigating suspicions that Beijing has been spying from the country’s embassy opposite the European commission’s headquarters in Brussels.”

The Guardian, 19th May

China puts city of Shulan under Wuhan-style lockdown after fresh Covid-19 cases. “Chinese authorities have sealed off the north-eastern city of Shulan, home to about 700,000 people, after an outbreak of coronavirus, imposing measures similar to those used in Wuhan.”

The Guardian, 19th May

Taiwan president says wants talks with China, but not ‘one country, two systems’. “Taiwan wants dialogue with China but cannot accept its proposal for “one country, two systems”, President Tsai Ing-wen said on Wednesday, calling for both sides to find a way to coexist.”

Reuters, 20th May

Major Chinese shipyard launches first large floating work dock. “Shanghai-based Jiangnan Shipyard, responsible for the construction of warships that reportedly include China’s third aircraft carrier, launched its first large floating work dock on Monday. This new platform can help with the launch and transport of large or ultra large ship modules.”

Global Times, 19th May

China says Panchen Lama leading ‘normal life’. “A child who disappeared 25 years ago after being appointed as a Tibetan Buddhist leader by the Dalai Lama is now living a “normal life” after graduating from university, China said on Tuesday (May 19) following US calls to reveal his location.”

Channel News Asia, 19th May

Australia opens up domestic life further as China dispute lingers. “Australian officials announced a raft of plans on Wednesday to speed up the resumption of public life across the country to boost the ailing economy amid a diplomatic spat with major trading partner China.”

Reuters, 20th May

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