China News Roundup 9th May

Twitter disputes State Department on Chinese disinformation claims. “Twitter pushed back on an assertion from…

China News Roundup 7th May

China political, financial and society news roundup, 7th May 2020

How China Annoyed Europe

After China tried to arm-twist European diplomats into toning down an E.U report on Chinese…

China News Roundup 6th May

China news roundup 6th May 2020

China News Roundup 4th May

News roundup 4th May 2020

The ‘Vietnam Problem’ in Early Sino-US Rapprochement (Part I)

What can the ‘Vietnam problem’ and early Sino-US rapprochement tell us about current problems in the relationship?

China News Roundup 2nd May

A senior English MP reports that sophisticated hackers are targeting him. Tom Tugendhat, chairman of…