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China news and commentaries roundup, 23rd Jun

China news and commentaries roundup, 23rd Jun

Pompeo urges China to release two detained Canadians after ‘groundless’ charges. “In a statement Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Washington was “extremely concerned” about the decision to file espionage charges against Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, who have been detained in China since 2018.”

CNN, 23rd June

US v China: is this the start of a new cold war? “If China is at risk of blowing its chance to lead, then others have calculated that a fleeting chance exists for the middle-power democracies, some with nuclear weapons, to hold greater sway. There is talk of a D10 of democracies – in essence, the G7 plus Japan, India and Korea. It is an idea that might fly if Joe Biden is elected US president. But it would require greater restraint from Washington about how far to push the confrontation with China”

The Guardian, 22nd June

China launches its final satellite. “China sent the last satellite to space on Tuesday to complete its global navigation system that will help wean it off U.S. technology in this area.”

CNBC, 22nd June

Delta To Resume Flights Between The U.S. And China. “Delta Air Lines said on Monday that it would resume passenger flights between the U.S. and China this week. The company said it’s the first U.S. airline to do so since February after flights were suspended as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.”, 22nd June

Xi Jinping: China, EU should expand common interests through cooperation. “China and the European Union (EU) should expand common interests through cooperation and resolve difficulties in the process of development, Chinese President Xi Jinping told EU leaders on Monday.”

CGTN, 23rd June

EU presses China over trade, warns on Hong Kong law. “BRUSSELS (REUTERS) – The European Union told China on Monday (June 22) to make good on a promise to open up its economy and warned of “very negative consequences” if Beijing goes ahead with a new security law on Hong Kong that the West says will curtail basic rights.”

The Straits Times, 23rd June

China’s cyber watchdog punishes livestreaming sites for ‘low taste’. “China’s cyber watchdog has penalised several of the country’s leading livestreaming and video platforms for spreading “low taste” content, reprimanding women wearing low cut clothes and men for indecent dancing and using foul language.”

Reuters, 23rd June

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