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China News Roundup 16th May

China News Roundup 16th May

  • iPhone factories resume in China
  • China makes adjustments to 'liang hui'
  • China says Taiwan must accept Chinese status to participate in WHO

Foxconn says iPhone factories back to normal in China. “Foxconn says all of its major factories in mainland China are back to normal again after the coronavirus pandemic hobbled production earlier this year.”

CNN, 15th May

Beijing insists Taiwan must accept Chinese status to attend WHO. “Beijing has stepped up the pressure on European states to reject Taiwan’s call to be represented at next week’s assembly of the World Health Organization, arguing that its presence can only be justified if it accepts that it is part of China.”

The Guardian, 15th May

US moves to cut off chip supplies to Huawei as China eyes retaliation. “The Trump administration has moved to block global chip supplies to blacklisted telecoms equipment giant Huawei Technologies, spurring fears of Chinese retaliation and hammering shares of US producers of chipmaking equipment.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 16th May

China tells U.S. to pay its U.N debt. “China on Friday issued a statement calling on all UN member states to “actively fulfill their financial obligations to the United Nations,” stressing that Washington owes the organization more than $2 billion.”

NDTV, 16th May

China relocates villagers living in 800m-high cliffs in anti-poverty drive. “The households have now been moved to the county town of Zhaojue, around 70km away. They will be rehoused in furnished apartment blocks, which come in models of 50, 75 and 100 sq m – depending on the number of people in each household.”

BBC, 14th May

China to adjust annual legislative session arrangements. “The duration of the session will be appropriately shortened, Zhang said, adding that the agenda and schedule will need to be approved at meetings before the session. Some of the Chinese and foreign journalists in Beijing will be invited to cover the session but journalists who are overseas will not be invited to come to Beijing for reporting, Zhang added.”, 16th May


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